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Home extension tenders 

There is a fairly standard routine for preparing the tender documents in order to submit to locally sourced builders.  Firstly the tender process must appear formal and known to all builders that you are obtaining several tender prices.  Do not fall into the trap of casually giving the documents to a builder down the pub and without a covering letter explaining your requirements. 

By enclosing a covering letter with one set of the drawings and specifications prepared by your home extension designer or architect, you will be confirming several important points to your builder such as:-

1 - Anticipated start date for the home extension (be prepared to be flexible)

2 - Target return date for the builders tender price (always give them a date for return of tender).

3 - Your contact details for a site visit for them to inspect the site conditions prior to submission of their tender price.

4 - Details of the tender return form.

TIP:- Always remember to telephone each builder first to introduce yourself with a quick explanation of your job, where you got their name from, your intended start date and requesting if the builder is interested in pricing for the works.  It is simply no good dumping the documents on them without any advance warning as they may already be committed for work well into next year.

Below is a sample tender letter that could be modified for your own scheme (please remember that this service can also be completed by your home extension designer or architect):-

Dear ...............,


Further to our recent telephone conversation where you expressed an interest in tendering for our home extension, I enclose 1 copy set of all drawings & documents referenced below for your  assessment.

Drawing numbers........

Specification Manual Referenced......

Structural Engineers details referenced......

Tender return form............

Please take time to carefully read the drawings & Specification Manual as there are a number of P.C. sums & a clients contingency which are deemed to be included within your quotation.

The Contract for the works will likely be by exchange of letters or other simple contract which shall be discussed in detail with the successful tender including method of payment, retention etc. We have already obtained full Planning Approval & just submitted the scheme for Building Regulations Approval.

We would like a mutually agreed start date but hopefully within the next 4 months.

You are required to provide a fixed price, fully inclusive quotation. You are to include for all necessary labour & materials to fully complete the works as specified or generally outlined on the drawings to a high standard of workmanship & current good building practice. The suggested contract period is stated within the Specification Manual.

Could you please fill out the ‘tender return’ form at the back of the specification manual & return it in a sealed envelope to us no later than (state date & time).  Your quotation is to be fixed price for a period of 3 months. Quotations received after this date shall not be considered.

You are advised to visit the site to acquaint yourself with the overall site conditions prior to submitting your quotation. Could you please telephone us direct on (state telephone number) to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

We are not obliged to accept the lowest or any of the tenders. We will notify all tenders within one month of the results.

Please note that if for any reason you are unable to provide us with a tender price then could you please return ALL the enclosed documents to us as soon as possible. In the meantime should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

A. Client



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